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Bulli greyhounds are some of the most under-rated greyhounds racing in Australia today. The Bulli Greyhound Racing Club regularly hosts events with genuine pace and class and that’s probably why it’s the locals best kept secret, until now! The town of Bulli sits alongside the Princess Highway in New South…

Bulli dogs

Horse racing is the most important sport in Australian wagering circles; in fact, it grosses the highest amount of money in international betting industry. The sole reason for the superior status of horses racing tournaments in the wagering industry is related to its historical association with these races. Additionally, equestrian racing events offer the most diverse options for wagering as they have a presence in almost every country in the world. This enables punters to wager on any horse race that is being played in a distant corner of the world. Australian punters do not have to worry about wagering on races being played in other territories as they already have a vibrant horses racing culture in their own country. In recent years, however, dogs’ racing has emerged as an alternative of horses racing events.

There are dozens of greyhound racing tracks in Australia and almost all of them host a number of racing events throughout the year. Bulli dogs, for example, have become an important canine racing event in Australia. Bulli is the name of a suburb of the city of Wollongong in New South Wales. The name of these races has been derived from this suburb and there is a separate racing track by the name of Bulli Greyhounds Racing Track. The racetrack is an oval shaped field that has all the modern facilities for these races; there have also been reports of installation of cable-hauled lure system, among other features.Bulli Dogs

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Races are held on Wednesday nights and almost on a regular basis throughout the year except in bad weather or other issues. The best platform for wagering on Bulli dogs is an online betting site that offers the best options in this regard. There are three main options for wagering in this regard and they are mentioned below.

Choices of wagering

The most popular option of wagering on Bulli dogs is through the selection of a single odd or multiple odds calculated by the Web site and then betting against them. This type of wagering is known as fixed-odds betting as punters rally their estimates about the expected results of a race against the calculations of the bookmakers. Fixed odds’ betting is the best way of understanding the ups and downs of sports wagering and novice punters can learn many things about this trade by following this method. This method, however, is not just good for novice punters as experienced bettors also regularly wager on these fixed odds and thus benefit from simple betting procedures.

Online betting sites calculate these odds by using computer software that analyses every aspect of Bulli dogs along with past records and data sheets. This information is used to generate betting odds with the highest level of accuracy; punters naturally like to wager on these Web sites as they like the levels of transparency on these channels.

There are other choices of wagering on Bulli dogs as well that include the option of wagering on these races by using a box of trifecta, among other options. Under the box a trifecta option, punters have to select three main winners of any given race. This means that they have to make their own odds for wagering as they will speculate about the top three positions during a racing event in Bulli dogs. The starting price of this method of betting is generally around $1 but increases sharply with the subsequent guesses about the winners of second and third place. In total, wagers can go upwards of $50 or even $100 but the ratios are almost always in the range of 4:1 or even higher. In case of a win, punters are able to reap larger prizes and greater amount of money.

Completing all the procedures

Online betting sites do not have any complicated procedures for wagering and punters would not face any difficulties in this regard. They would have allowed a completely hassle-free procedure of betting had there been no rules and regulations imposed by the Australian authorities. The overseer of Australian gambling and sports wagering industries require online betting sites to submit the records of people using their Web sites for betting. To comply with this regulation, online betting sites have created a registration form where punters have to enter their names, addresses and phone numbers, among other details.

Apart from this submission of personal details on an online form, punters might also have to pay a small amount in subscription fees. Increasingly, charging of this fee has been abolished by most online betting sites as there is a growing competition in the market and punters naturally decide in favour of those Web sites with no fees and other charges.

Completion of registration process is followed by the allocation of usernames and passwords that can be used to access the betting platform of the betting Web sites. Punters can set their own passwords afterwards but the initial codes are always set by the Web site; this is the case with login names as well though most sites allow punters to set their preferred names from the start. Online betting sites ensure the protection of personal information by implementing encrypted coding and other tools and devices.

Online betting sites represent the future of wagering in Australia as well as all over the world. If punters are interested to make some money on the Bulli dogs, they need to adopt this platform to ensure a continuous flow of money.